The Carrington Story

Carrington is a fascinating tale of flourishing and triumph, born from the union and unified vision of a team of enthusiastic individuals who aspired to create a change in the realm of wealth management.

These companions perceived a requirement for a more individualized approach to financial planning and investment, thus they collaborated to form a corporation that would furnish bespoke solutions to cater to the needs of each and every client.


Despite their humble beginnings and limited resources, the Carrington squad encountered numerous obstacles, but their aim never wavered. They toiled incessantly to construct a company that was devoted to excellence, offering a diversified array of investment options and financial planning services to satisfy the requirements of a wide clientele. With a keen focus on customized service and a pledge to aid their clients in realizing their financial objectives, the firm swiftly established a sterling reputation for exceptional service and specialist advice.

As time passed, Carrington enlarged its size and breadth, incorporating a broad spectrum of investment methods and financial products. Despite this expansion, the company never deviated from its original principles that motivated its founders years prior: a zeal for serving others, a commitment to personalization, and a devotion to constructing and safeguarding wealth.

...I feel like I'm in the driver's seat of my financial future...

Carrington RHT Wealth


Carrington RHT Wealth operates as an integrated ecosystem, leveraging on our different businesses and partnering across the Carrington Group and RHT Group of Companies to build trust and create value for both our investors and clients.

Carrington RHT Wealth is the holding company for the following sister companies through which all our specialized services are delivered.

Carrington RHT Investments


Carrington RHT Investments is a Fund Management company registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) focusing on diverse asset classes ranging from listed equities, private equity, private debt etc to asset protection and capital appreciation advisory as well as legacy planning and related asset management business.

Founded by a group of very experienced bankers and entrepreneurs, Carrington RHT Investments is committed to help high net worth clients achieve their personal financial goals and objectives.

Carrington Multi-Family Office


Carrington Multi Family Office provides family office set up, investment management, family governance and philanthropy, asset management and preservation as well as other related types of family office services.

Through tailor-made Trust establishment and management as well as tax advisory, we provide ultra wealthy families with comprehensive and customized solution of taxation, family governance involving advice on marriage and family relationships, succession and planning, etc.

In addition, we offer global investment citizenship program and provide value added high end medical concierge services.

Last but not least, our vast resources include consultancy to clients on their businesses.

Carrington Direct Investments


Carrington Direct Investments is an investment firm that works with early stage start ups in need of seed funding.

Through partnership with visionary entrepreneurs we help bridge the gap from seed funding to growth stage companies, Carrington Direct Investments is sector focused with a keen interest in companies that are looking to disrupt technology, biotech and educational fields.

Our team strives to help start ups succeed by offering access to our network of professionals to help fuel growth.

RHT Real Estate


RHT Real Estate is a full fledged real estate consultancy company providing transactional and professional services with focus in Singapore.

The transactional services are provided by RHT Realty and the professional services by RHT Valuation. The two subsidiaries are helmed by industry veterans with hands on experience and knowledge.

The transactional services cover sales and leasing across all asset classes and specialized work like investment sales, enbloc sales and auctions. The professional services provide valuation for real estate, plant and equipment, and businesses. Clients comprise mainly banks in Singapore.

In addition, we have wide network to real estate and valuation companies overseas such as United Kingdom and ASEAN.

RHT Real Estate is a member of the Wealth Division of the RHT Group of Companies . Individual owners, SMEs and MNCs form our network of clients.

RHT Group of Companies


Carrington RHT Wealth Pte Ltd is a proud member of the RHT Group of Companies.

The RHT Group of Companies consists of Four business groups: -

  • Fintech & Financial Services
  • Training, Learning & Development
  • Consultancy & Advisory
  • Wealth & Asset Management

Carrington helms the Wealth & Asset Management group.


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