Our Service Partners

Carrington has wide connections with reputable international private banks that include Bank of Singapore (private bank of 3rd largest Bank in Spore), HSBC etc, leading securities firm like CGS and third party service providers such as lawyers who can provide comprehensive legal services to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and business owners in the areas of personal wealth structures, asset protection, legacy planning, family office set-up, family governance, business succession and foundation.

In addition, our affiliation with the RHT Group gives us access to proprietary deal flows and allows us to offer clients unique investment opportunities. RHT Law is one of the leading mid-sized law firms in Singapore.

RHT group offers integrated professional services to businesses globally. It understands the uniqueness of every Asian economy and can mobilize a team of multi-disciplinary specialists to provide solutions to all problems in a seamless fashion.

Our Funds

Following is a list of funds managed in-house by Carrington companies. 

  • CR Innovative Tech Fund SP
  • Charismatic Debt Equity Fund
  • Origin Partners
  • RR Gem Series 2
  • FindIt Global
  • Vivva Energy

Read on for a more comprehensive and detailed listing. 

Fund Management

Carrington sets up both umbrella Funds and sub-Funds of various investment mandates and manage them as Fund Manager.

To date, it offers a wide diversity of Funds that comprise of Private Credit, Private Equity, listed equities in SPAC etc and much more.

These Funds are each unique in their investment strategies which are exclusive to Carrington and are offered through its panel of partnered international private banks.

Family Legacy Services

Private Wealth Services

We offer our clients uniquely seamless and joined-up services ranging from Family Governance, Philanthropy, Asset Protection, Legacy Planning, Foundations, and Setup Family Office and Support

Family Governance & Philanthropy

• Family Constitution
• Next Generation Training
• Setting Up of Charitable Foundations

Trust & Estate Management

• Establishing, Administering and Co-ordinating Trust
• Writing of Wills, Succession and Inheritance

Asset Protection / Legacy Planning

• Trust Setup
• Succession Planning
• Tax Advice

Family Offices for HNW Clients

• Setup of New Family Office
• KYC and Bank Account Opening
• Consolidated Record Keeping
• Tax Advisory
• Tax Exemption Schemes Applications

Investment Services

Asset Management

With our Service Partners, we offer clients bespoke asset management services where the day-to-day decision is handled by our portfolio managers. Our portfolio managers will take into consideration the clients’ return objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, time horizon and their financial goals. They have the discretion to make asset allocation and invest into Funds and securities on the clients’ behalf.

Our investment process consists of global macro and market research, asset allocation, Funds selection, assets selection, portfolio construction and risk management.

Investment Distribution

    • Growth Stock Portfolio50%
    • Bond/Preferred Stock/High-yield Stock Portfolio40%
    • Forex/Commodities/Futures/Options Portfolio10%

    Private Equity & Direct Investment

    These are unique opportunities for investors to directly participate in the ownership and growth of private companies.

    With a focus on long-term value creation, these investments are ideal for those seeking to diversify their portfolios and tap into the potential for high returns.


    Investment Consultancy

    Optimize your investment Portfolio with our deep understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, and risk management.

    Carrington is your best partner in aligning your financial goals.


    Portfolio Management

    Or let us manage your portfolio for you.

    We value the trust you place in us. We carefully craft and manage portfolios based entirely on your objectives and risk tolerance.

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    Residence and Citizenship Planning

    • Singapore
    • United Kingdom
    • European Union

    Lifestyle Management

    • Education Consultancy
    • Medical Conciergy
    • Art and Collectables

    Real Estate Professional Services

    • Valuation
    • Investment Sales
    • Collective Sales
    • Specialty Auction
    • Asset Portfolio Management